All juice is not created equal. What makes ours different? Here at Vive, we use a hydraulic press. Unlike common centrifugal juicers used at other juice shops, cold-press minimizes oxidation by using pressure, not heat, to extract a juice that is packed with 3-5x more nutrients, true flavor & a 3-day shelf life. Click here to learn more.

In addition to our storefront location in Sugar House, we offer juice delivery from the Marmalade District in Salt Lake City to the suburbs of Draper for a small fee. Click here to view our current delivery area. During warmer weather months, we utilize bike and vespa delivery to reduce our carbon footprint. During months of heavy snow, we deliver your juice in our "Juice Box" (a Scion xB). See you on the streets!

Glass bottles, while more expensive, are the safest material to package your raw, fresh juice in. Glass supports your juice's taste, freshness & quality, unlike plastics known for leaching chemicals.

Our Bottle Exchange Program: Included in the price of our juices is a $1 bottle deposit which is refunded to you when the bottle is returned to us. Click here to read more.

A Salt Lake City-based cold-pressed juicery, fueled by love and local farms. It's about getting a day's worth of fruits & veggies in a single glass. It's about connecting to the joys of eating fresh, unprocessed, creative foods. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals & micronutrients, we strive to make you the most delicious, healthy juice combinations to support you in your vibrancy. Sit back, read about our company and our methods, take a look at our menu & place your order.