A Salt Lake City-based cold-pressed juicery, fueled by love and local farms. It's about getting a day's worth of fruits & veggies in a single glass. It's about connecting to the joys of eating fresh, unprocessed, creative foods. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals & micronutrients, we strive to make you the most delicious, healthy juice combinations to support you in your vibrancy.


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All juice is not created equal. What makes ours different? Here at Vive, we use a hydraulic press. Unlike common centrifugal juicers used at other juice shops, cold-press minimizes oxidation by using pressure, not heat, to extract a juice that is packed with 3-5x more nutrients, true flavor & a 3-day shelf life.
Time to press the reset button? You're at the right place. We offer you the flexibility of three different cleanse levels, the ability to cleanse anywhere between 1-5 days, and we offer convenient pick-up and delivery options.
Welcome to your best juice cleanse ever.